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Friction Control - Trelleborg
At Trelleborg Seals & Profiles, we are always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in industrial design. One of our latest innovations – FrictionControl – is changin...
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Trelleborg Press Release
Aurora inauguration
On the 17 April, Trelleborg’s seals & profiles operation inaugurated a newly constructed manufacturing facility in Aurora, Ohio, to manufacture high-performance sealing profiles, such as build...
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Trelleborg Press Release
New facility in Mexico
Today, Trelleborg’s sealing profiles operation inaugurates a newly constructed manufacturing facility in Querétaro, Mexico, to manufacture high-performance sealing profiles, such as control cable ...
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Join our team to shape the industry from the inside
Meet a production manager
Since the middle of October 2017, Emma Bursell has been working in Värnamo in Sweden as the new production manager. Following a thorough internal induction programme, Emma now feels ready to take ...
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Customer support icons
Meet Grazyna Beckert
Trelleborg’s sealing profiles operation has more than a thousand active customers in a number of different sectors such as the buildings and construction industry, the automotive industry, agricul...
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Trelleborg Press Release
Press release - New facility
In order to support growth, reduce footprint complexity and improve production efficiencies, Trelleborg has decided to consolidate all of its locations that produce sealing profiles in Ohio. Assoc...
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Extruded profiles for wooden construction from Trelleborg
A Solution against Moisture & Irregularities
Trelleborg has combined two materials into one single high-performance product for the sealing of thresholds and wall joints in timber construction: the ST Seal. The seal consists of a polyethylen...
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Modern Villa Article
Sound Insulation made of rubber
When planning and constructing wooden ceilings, special attention must be paid to sound insulation. This is because irritating noises can easily be transmitted through the construction. The STG so...
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Teamwork windows
Automated solutions
As well as ensuring air and water tightness, heat insulation and noise reduction, sealing profiles are increasingly engineered for automated insertion or machine mounting. “Demand for automa...
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Trelleborg improving performance
Added Value
What added value do customers actually want? Trelleborg Sealing Profiles wanted to identify their customers’ real needs during a comprehensive review of strategy and customer needs.    &...
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