Buildings and Construction

Buildings & Construction

Trelleborg delivers customized and standard sealing innovations to a range of segments within the building and construction industry around the world. The collective experience of our global team is available to help you find the exact solution you need, trust Trelleborg to meet it. 

Buildings & Construction - an Industry insight

Trelleborg provides solutions for new spaces to live and work

Our offering within Buildings & Construction

Extruded profiles for Architectural Aluminum Systems

Sealing profiles for Facade Systems & Projects

Architects, contractors or OEM's in facade systems rely on Trelleborg's proven performance in Architectural Aluminum Systems.
We are the industry's first choice in extruded polymer profiles, providing a complete range of polymer products for thermoset and thermoplastic compounds. 

Trelleborg extruded profiles for roof windows

Sealing profiles for Doors & Windows

Solutions have to be tailored for the conditions of the fabricator. Is your manufacturing automated? Are building regulation standards on top of your requirements? We have the flexiblity you need to manage long runners along side small specialized series for the same system, all promptly delivered avoiding stops in your production line.

Trelleborg profiles for prefab modules

Sealing & damping solutions for Construction Elements

Our solutions are silently doing their job in a number of applications in all-site construction. We understand the value of the commitment you make to your customers. Hold-ups and quality issues cost money and goodwill. With Trelleborg, you'll have a partner that takes your responibility seriously.  

Trelleborg sealing profiles for ventilation system

Sealing & damping solutions in Ventilation Systems

The ventilation industry faces growing demands through regulations narrowing down the allowed numbers for emisson and improved energy saving factors. Trelleborg offers sealing and damping solutions that  covers the whole system. Our design engineers are familiar with the industry standards and will make sure that your system solution fits your production process, automated or manual.

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