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Triple glazing gaskets in silicone from TrelleborgEmployees with one of Sweden’s major banks will enjoy comfortable working conditions at their new headquarters, thanks to the installation of a sophisticated glass-facade.
At the end of 2013, one of Sweden’s largest banks, Swedbank, will shift its headquarters from central Stockholm to Sundbyberg, on the outskirts of the city.
The new headquarters features a remarkable glass facade, supplied by Skandinaviska Glassystem. It employs state-of-the-art technology to guard against temperature extremes, wind and weather.

“It’s a unique solution, specifically designed for this project,” says Magnus Pettersson, Project Manager at Skandinaviska Glassystem. “There are lots of challenging angles and joints between the various sections of the building, which really put the seals to the test.”
The facade consists entirely of prefabricated modules made in the factory of Skandinaviska Glassystem. The structure features triple-glazed units and integrated external roller blinds. The elements are sealed with Trelleborg silicone gaskets, the DrySeal system being extensively tested by both Trelleborg and an independent test institute.
Christer Hoffenback, Head of Production, System Development and Logistics at Skandinaviska Glassystem, says the sealing solution was a vital part of the project and that the Trelleborg profiles easily met all requirements. “The tightness is three times better than the toughest classification for wind and rain,” he says. “This makes the Swedbank building one of the tightest buildings we’ve ever built.”“Almost all of the profiles used in the project were manufactured by our U.S. facility”, says Fredrik Ekstrand, Sales Manager of the sealing profile business of Trelleborg Industrial Solutions. “The outstanding cooperation with our colleagues in the U.S. was one of the success factors.” Because each of the 580 modules was prefabricated, the construction process was remarkably quick; no staging was needed, saving one third of time on site.

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