The SuperSealer Stories

Stacy Friedman, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Stacy Friedman
When she’s not busy cheering on the Buckeyes, our May SuperSealer loves to hear the stories of Trelleborg team members from around the world. She discusses the drive to always keep improving, and ...
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Andrew Boer - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Andrew Boer
When he’s not using pi to help his kids with their homework, our October SuperSealer is using it to affect change for the North American Sewer Collection Network. He explains how lateral li...
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Simon Burke - Trelleborg Seals & Profiles
Meet “SuperSealer” Simon Burke, Trelleborg
This month’s SuperSealer is a soccer dad who’s well trained in juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. Having worked with Trelleborg for over a decade, he’s more passionate...
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Smith Mckee - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Smith McKee, Trelleborg
Our May SuperSealer juggles a busy home life with an active work schedule – particularly since the recent re-organization. He shares his outlook on the future of the business, the main chall...
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Ali Rezaei, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Ali Rezaei, Trelleborg
When he’s not working up a sweat on the padel court, April’s SuperSealer is hard at work driving Trelleborg forward in the Nordics and across EMEA. Read on to hear his vision for the f...
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Donald Cherry, SuperSealer, Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Trelleborg
With an important birthday coming up this month, our March SuperSealer still feels excited coming to work each day and is deeply passionate about the future of tooling design. When he’s not relaxi...
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Karen Hayden, Trelleborg Seals & Profiles
Meet “SuperSealer” Karen Hayden
This month’s SuperSealer is an asset to the extrusion and splicing teams at Trelleborg’s Milford site in the US. While she might sing the low notes in her barbershop chorus, she speaks...
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Magnus Andersson - Trellebrog
Meet “SuperSealer” Magnus Andersson
This month’s SuperSealer is a family man and strategic thinker. Having worked with Trelleborg for more than ten years, he is perfectly placed to lead our business unit into a promising futur...
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Juan Dominguez - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Juan Domínguez
When he’s not cooking up Valencian delicacies in the kitchen, August’s SuperSealer is putting his chemistry knowhow to good use for his Pipe Seals colleagues. He explains how he enjoys the day-to-...
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Holger Zinn - Trelleborg
Meet “SuperSealer” Holger Zinn
Who are you? My name is Holger Jörgen Zinn. I’m 55 and I’m the Business Development Manager EMEA for Trelleborg’s Pipe Seals business unit in Germany.  When di...
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