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Setting new standards in floor impact technology 

Every year, 424 000 individuals die from falls and 37,3 million people experience falls that are severe enough to require medical attention. Safestrive Floor is an innovative flooring solution designed and developed to prevent fall injuries through world-leading shock absorption. Optimized to reduce head and hip injuries through absorbing both radial and oblique impact, Safestrive Floor intends to protect against all types of fall injuries, substantially reducing the overall costs of care.


Simulation tests show that Safestrive Floor reduces the head impact force by up to 80% compared to a conventional floor. 

Unique design, unique outcome

Safestrive Floor is built using an innovative polymer layer with connecting pins that absorb kinetic energy by twisting into an S-shape, reducing dynamic impact in a unique way 

The floor feels stable at normal use.
At a fall the pins are bent into an s-shaped, optimizing impact.
The pins will return to an upright position after an impact.

Developed by scientists, designed to care

Safestrive Floor is developed by Impact Neuronic and Trelleborg in close collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology for the injury preventive and neuronic research.

Smarter impact prevention

The final flooring solution is a result of more than 400 trials and ten years of research to find the optimal combination of polymer composition, pin size, thickness and shape. 
SafestriveTM Floor
  • Reduces impact force by up to 80 %
  • Prevents fall injuries
  • Developed in close collaboration with researchers and scientists
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