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Boost performance with rubber flooring

Rubber polymer is the starting point for high quality, high performance flooring solutions. Our rubber polymers have a wide range of valued characteristics such as durability, sound insulating properties and vibration dampening qualities. We use our expertise in polymer engineering to refine these characteristics, boost performance and optimize various resistance functions to provide the best solutions for specific applications. 

Long service life

Our rubber flooring is designed to resist wear and withstand heavy traffic.


The outstanding non-slip properties of our solutions are proven and recognized worldwide. 


Our rubber flooring is sound insulating, dampens vibrations and is comfortable to stand and walk on. 

Select rubber flooring options

Find the optimum performance, properties and pattern. 

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Trelleborg delivers innovative, high performance rubber flooring solutions that maximize performance to meet your specific business needs. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff are always on hand to provide seamless process support from initial idea to delivery and beyond.


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