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Every year, 424 000 individuals die from falls and 37,3 million (1) people experience falls that are severe enough to require medical attention. Such falls are responsible for over 17 million DALY’s (2) (disability-adjusted life years) lost. The largest morbidity occurs in people aged 65 years and older. As more and more people get older they are more likely to fall, partly caused by poor vision, vertigo, imbalance and chronic diseases. The financial costs from fall-related injuries, especially head traumas, are substantial. According to an independent national authority in Sweden (3), the estimated cost for fall injuries among elderly people is 14 billion SEK/year (€ 1.5 billion approximately). Working closely with researchers, experts and partners, Trelleborg design, develop and produce a unique polymer formula to maximize safety and quality in floors for hospitals and nursing homes. 

Preventing fall injuries through world-leading shock absorption

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