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Security Printing

Along with commercial sheetfed, heatset and coldset, the printing world includes a powerful mix of special applications. One of the most important special application is related to the security printed products, as such: currency, cheques, plastic bank and credit cards, tax bands and seals, passports and ID cards, licenses, certificates, tickets and various devices, as holograms that are used to authenticate items.

Endorsement, Trelleborg Intaglio Printing Blankets line

The demands for ever-more sophisticated security, aesthetics, increased durability and production efficiency continue to dominate banknote and security document production.

We are committed to developing a partnership with our customers, the manufacturers of security printing presses, that seeks to make things as easy as possible. That means understanding printers’ specific needs and providing solutions that address them.

Focusing on security printers’ specific needs means having the right people in place to train their workforce. It means harnessing our expertise to respond quickly and effectively when issues arise. It also means finding ways to help improve security, consistency, enhance productivity, and minimize costs.

Consumables play a crucial role in the success of security printers every day, as they have a major influence not only on the final print quality but also on productivity. Knowing that we design our solutions for security printing presses manufacturers, becoming one of their selected supplier of printing blankets.

One of the recent endorsement as a selected supplier came from KBA-Notasys, that found in Trelleborg Printing Solutions a supplier that shares the same mindset – a philosophy that can be seen in the high performance and reliability of its products, in particular the INTAGLIO offset printing blanket. Based on the positive results achieved from various demanding trials, both at their factory and those of their clients, Trelleborg INTAGLIO blanket achieved the approval by KBA-Notasys

Security Printing

Quality and consistency without compromise


Printing experts and solution providers are involved in developing the high security printing offer. It's always  a question of printing quality and consistency which require specific printing blankets to achieve:

- design: personalization and geometries
- security features: embedded color-toned text, embossed feel, micro printed text, enhanced watermark
- durability/lifetime
Trelleborg printing blanket solutions are tailored to meet technical requirements and an ongoing technical support is always available in every part of the world.

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Intaglio printing blanket

The solution set to meet requirements of security printing applications, firstly quality and consistency



  • Blanket used as impression cylinder with extremely high stability and mechanical resistance
  • Surface able to allow a proper foil release and excellent ink transfer even at low pressure
  • High temperature resistance over 100 °C
  • Quality and consistency

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