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Advantage UV Stripping JOY

Sava Advantage UV Stripping JOY is an easy to strip blanket for coating units, also usable for printing, specially designed for UV inks

Main Applications



Sava Advantage UV Stripping JOY is available in 3-ply (2 fabric plies + 1 cord ply), 1,95 mm thickness

Key Performance

  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Ensures deep stencil depth of min. 0,90 mm for cleaner profiles, for varnish film thickness with minimum pressure settings and  for optimum varnish transfer
  • Precise register and reuse of the blanket
  • Flexible: easy press mounting and easy peeling
  • Clean stencil cutting with sharp edges by hand or CAD


Sava Advantage UV Stripping Joy

Sava offset printing blankets  

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Isega 44908 ADV English


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