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Coating and varnishing for valuable printing jobs

Coatings are used to offer functional or aesthetic properties to the printed sheet.  Some of the benefits they offer are sheet protection, gloss, rub resistance, enhancing  printing quality, add special effect the printed sheet in order to catch the attention of consumers. Printers browsing this section can find a wide choice of printing blankets and fabric-less plates designed for both UV and acqueous coating jobs. Any solution offers specific and unique benefits. For assistance in the selection call us or email

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Benefits and advantages for printers are a must for Trelleborg team of experts when designing and manufacturing products for coating and varnishing. As an example, some of the benefits of a fabric-less coating plate are: accurate CAD cutting, easy strip and handling, and as a final result the printing production is accelerated . Why? Due to reduced back-trapping, no fabrics pattern, exceptional sharp lines on knock-out and at the end of the process a consistent coating transfer over long run. Watch some interesting story on