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Advantage Plus

Sava Advantage Plus is a 1,95mm and  1,70mm offset printing blanket that guarantees excellent print quality, versatility, durability, dimensional stability protection against water or chemical penetration.

Main Applications

Commercial Sheetfed

Packaging (paper and cardboard)

Metal Decorating


Sava Advantage Plus is available in 1,95 mm (ISO 12636).

Key performance

  • Cord carcass offers excellent smash resistance and rapid recovery
  • Up to 30% lower consumption
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Optimal ink transfer
  • Excellent dot reproduction on a wide range of printing materials
  • High edge marking resistance
  • Longer service life
Radial cord carcass coupled with a closed-cell compressible layer


Sava Advantage Plus

Sava offset printing blankets  

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ISEGA Sava Advantage Plus English


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