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Trelleborg unique dampening technology

Capabilities and technology to manufacture flexographic plate mounting sleeves and bridges are unique.

When speaking of engineered polymer solutions, the following analogy is a helpful way to visualize its incredible ability to achieve a specific result.

Take a moment to imagine two rubber balls of identical weight, size and shape. One is red, the other black. When dropped on a hard surface, the red ball hits the surface and bounces high into the air where it continues to bounce, over and over again. In comparison, the other black ball hits the surface and barely moves off of the surface it strikes.

The red ball continues to transmit the energy and bounces, while the black ball absorbs the energy and does not move. In the black ball, that absorption of energy “dampens” the balls ability to bounce.

A unique dampening technology, like that of the bouncing balls, is incorporated into the Trelleborg sleeve. It is found in just a single layer, replacing the polyurethane foam expansion layer used in typical plate mounting sleeves. This allows to minimize drastically the bounce phenomena generated by the plate coming on and off impression, thus allowing significant productivity increase.

Demonstration of the dampening behavior

To demonstrate the bounce reduction, a thorough bounce benchmark of 6 different sleeves of the market was conducted at the German DFTA.

Download the complete report and discover how the specific damping properties of Trelleborg sleeve mounting layer allows printers to achieve a speed increase of 10% to 20% vs alternative plate mounting sleeve technologies, depending of type of jobs, press, substrates, inks and run length.

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Watch the video "Bounce" balls:

Demonstration of the dampening behavior