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Rollin XL Plast

Embossing for Tissue converting, particularly high pattern for kitchen and household towels. Rollin XL Plast is Since embossing patterns can be very aggressive and demanding, your converting lines deserve the most resistant rubber coverings. XL Plast is a state of the art rubber-covering specially designed for harsh embossing applications such as double height pattern and high height pattern.

Delivering faithful pattern reproduction and boosting line efficiency, the XL Plast rubber covering guarantees an exceptional lifetime thanks to an outstanding abrasion resistance.

Trelleborg Embossing Tissue Rollers 2


  • Extended lifetime
  • Perfect thickness of the substrate
  • Faithful pattern reproduction
  • Homogeneous production quality
  • Increased volume of the final product
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Key performance

  • Consistent hardness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Mechanical stress resistance
  • Outstanding resilience (fast elastic recovery to  the original shape)
  • The product at a glance

     50 Sh A

     up to 60 kg/lcm

     700 m/min


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