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Rollin Verotex - Dyeing and Finishing solutions

Trelleborg Rollin Verotex is a state of the art rubber covering specially developed for dyeing and finishing operations including Küsters S Rolls and intermediary squeezing rollers. This dyeing and finishing solution enables end users to provide exceptional dyeing consistency as well as a regular and permanent squeezing effect, enhancing your production efficiency and guarantees an exceptional lifetime thanks to an outstanding abrasion resistance.

  • Outstanding life time
  • Consistant performance all along its life-time
  • Homogeneous production quality
  • Desizing
  • Bleaching
  • Mercerizing
  • Washing
  • Dyeing padders
  • Finishing padders
  • Second position on wet on wet squeezing installations
  • Dyeing homogeneity on the entire width of the fabrics
  • Chemical resistance to the main textile auxiliary products
  • Silicate incrustation singularly delayed
  • Easy to clean between 2 treatments
  • Abrasion and aging resistance
  • The product at a glance

     45 to 90 Sh A  up to 50 kg/lcm

     200 m/min

     90°c  Acidic medium Excellent 
     Very Good


     Alkaline medium
     Acidic medium
     Auxiliaries products

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