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Rollin®SD is the rubber belt to shrink denim and heavy fabrics. A new reinforced inner face. This solution is a new generation of shrinking belts designed for use on Sanfor textile machines. Rollin®SD assures an optimum shrinkage for the most demanding fabrics. Due to its new inner face, Rollin® SD always guarantees better reliability and longer life for your rubber belt.

Trelleborg shrinkin belt SD

Main Advantages

At Trelleborg we offer a specific technical assistance which support customers with:
  • a comprehensive user and maintenance manual
  • a repair kit
  • a reactive technical organization which is able to manufacture rubber belts within very short time in case of emergency
  • technical recommendations for field application
  • training of customers’ operators
  • Key performance

  • Multilayer structure
  • Specially designed for severe working conditions
  • Longer life between grindings
  • Improved mechanical resistance of the inner face (lower risk of abrasion and cracks)
  • The product at a glance



     1400 to 3600



    * For other thicknesses, please email

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