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Reducing bounce via sleeves

Reducing bounce via sleeves

The flexo industry has changed enormously in recent years, with developments in pre-press, anilox rollers, digital plate technology and sleeve-dedicated presses leading to the process being used in areas of print that would have once been unthinkable, including newspapers, folding cartons, labels and flexible packaging. The introduction of faster presses has also played an important role in this success.

However, despite all of the advances, printers continue to face the challenge of poor reproduction caused by vibration generated in the flexo nip, often called ‘bounce’, which can have a significant detrimental effect on ink transfer. In an effort to highlight what printers can do to overcome this common issue, Trelleborg instructed a major printing research organisation to trial a selection of entry-level and high-end flexo sleeves at its state-of-the-art facilities in Germany.

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