Häuser KG chooses Trelleborg Vulcan Sunrise

Häuser KG chooses Trelleborg Vulcan Sunrise
German Internet printer Buch und Offsetdruckerei Häuser KG, best known for its online presence DruckDiscount24.de, has joined the growing number of industry-leading names choosing Trelleborg’s Vulcan Sunrise offset blanket to improve print quality and reduce press downtime. Trelleborg is a pioneer in the development of blankets for UV printing and in Germany it has been working with distributor Streb since 1967.
Production managers Henning Stein, Thomas Winkmann and Rafael Langer have been heavily involved in the recent investment at Häuser KG’s Cologne factory.
“We were an existing customer of family-run business Streb and when we experienced back-trapping on our new eight-color Heidelberg XL105 LE UV press - a common problem on all new UV technology presses - Streb suggested that we trailed Vulcan Sunrise,” says Henning Stein. “We had never used a Vulcan product before and initially fitted the Trelleborg blankets to four press units.
“The issue of back-trapping, during which the yellow on the last unit became contaminated with previous inks, was immediately solved. Vulcan Sunrise came out ahead of all of the other UV blankets we tested and we were so pleased with the results that we fitted it to the remaining press units. In addition to overcoming back-trapping, we found that Vulcan Sunrise provides extremely sharp dots, with a good level of dot gain and an excellent balance of smash resistance, durability and paper edge cut resistance.”
Thomas Winkmann stresses the importance of productivity. “The new XL105 press is in operation around the clock, producing a huge range of diverse material to very tight deadlines for customers throughout Germany, Switzerland, Benelux and Austria,” he says. “High productivity and quality plus the flexibility to change quickly between jobs are requirements for all printers these days, but when you are serving the Internet sector it seems to take on an even greater importance.
“We’ve had superb support from Trelleborg and Streb, while Streb’s application specialist Uwe Leimer has been particularly helpful,” says Thomas Winkmann. “The two companies have proved time and again their comprehensive knowledge of all matters relating to UV technologies. Following some close liaison between Streb and our press operators we have improved some of the press settings and reduced the monthly usage of blankets on the press. New UV curing technologies are becoming increasingly common because of the many benefits they offer. Whether you’re new to operating UV or not, it’s important to have suppliers who understand the technology.”
Vulcan Sunrise is a 1.95 mm blanket with a dedicated top compound and is specifically designed by Trelleborg for UV applications such as LE/HUV and LED UV. Providing all of the benefits of the Dynatech System e.g. excellent smash and edge mark resistance plus good vibration absorption, Vulcan Sunrise enables first class solids and halftone reproduction. The blanket is suitable for use with direct-drive presses as the Dynatech carcass ensures even power consumption in the drives.
“Häuser KG was formed in 1922 and we moved into the Internet printing arena in 2003 with the launch of online pages and tools such as DruckDiscount24.de,” says Rafael Langer. “This has been tremendously successful for us, with DruckDiscount24.de being awarded the ‘Deutscher Fairness Preis’ for its customer orientation and going on to become a leading brand name. We have since gone on to develop many other software products that enable customers to work with us remotely and seamlessly, so that they can be assured of a fast delivery of high quality print.”

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