Trelleborg shows offset blankets for metal decorating at Asia CanTech 2018

Trelleborg shows offset blankets for metal decorating at Asia CanTech 2018

Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation will show a range of offset blanket specifically designed for metal packaging at Asia CanTech 2018, which takes place in October from 29 to 31 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Metal packaging has increased significantly throughout the Asia Pacific region in recent years, as Andrea Trevisi, South East Asia Sales Manager for Trelleborg, explains; “The growth of metal packaging represents a significant potential to printers operating in this field, but it also raises several challenges because to remain efficient in an ever demanding market the offset presses used must be as effective as possible.

“This means that consumables, such as a printing blanket, have to meet the very particular requirements of printing on to metal and the offset blanket is one of the most vital elements in producing work successfully. Trelleborg will have experts available throughout Asia CanTech 2018 and delegates will be able to discuss any issues relating to the use of blankets with metal packaging.”

As presented at the 2017 edition of Asia CanTech, Vulcan Pack UV is confirmed as one of the most popular Trelleborg products for metal decorating jobs. This premium printing blanket allows excellent halftone reproduction in addition to smooth, solid coverage, which is a key requirement of UV printing inks on metal. The blanket ensures good ink transfer while its resistance to edge marking results in an impressive lifetime. Vulcan Pack UV is available in 3 ply (1.96 mm) and has a purple surface.

“We’ve had a tremendous response to Vulcan Pack UV since launching it into the Asia Pacific market, partly because printers have loved the stability and consistency it provides on the press,” continues Trevisi. “Once a customer has fitted the blanket they have not encountered any further blanket related issues, and this has become a huge selling point as word has spread.

“As a leading offset blanket manufacturer Trelleborg is perfectly placed to add a wide selection of  solutions for metal decorating, as such the Vulcan Deco, and the Rollin Metro and Metal UV. We have also established a network of highly experienced distributors across the Asia Pacific region and they provide first class on-site service and support. What is also crucial is that we are able to provide blankets at very short notice and this has enabled us to help printers meet increasingly tight and unpredictable deadlines.

“We look forward to meeting printers at Asia CanTech 2018” concludes Andrea Trevisi.