Trelleborg shows new polyurethane glue applicator solution at MIAC 2017

Trelleborg shows new polyurethane glue applicator solution at MIAC 2017

Trelleborg shows new polyurethane glue applicator solution at MIAC 2017

Visitors to MIAC 2017, which takes place in Lucca, Italy, from 11th – 13th October, will be able to hear about the latest developments in rubber roller coating technology from industry-leader Trelleborg Coated Systems. The company has been involved in the process of applying rubber to rollers and sleeves for the tissue converting market for more than 30 years and today offers the most comprehensive range for the production of toilet and kitchen rolls.

Guillaume Bordais, Sales and Business Development Manager for PA Rollers & Belts, says:  “Trelleborg’s Rollin brand of rubber rollers has an unrivalled reputation in this field of paper conversion and at MIAC 2017 we will be telling people about the new Rollin Size Master 4, a polyurethane glue applicator solution that brings Trelleborg’s dedication to quality to the world of polyurethane rollers. The new product provides excellent mechanical strength and durability. The technology we have developed for the polyurethane roller has also been incorporated into a new sleeve product.”

The Size Master 4 roller offers a wide range of benefits, from an extended life and optimal glue transfer to homogeneous coating and the elimination of cleaning operations. The reduction in glue consumption that is achieved by the new applicator solution ensures that product softness is preserved. Key features include low surface energy and roughness, plus superior abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. The Size Master 4 roller offers outstanding hydrolysis resistance and a long product life. The yellow roller is available with a hardness of 50 – 80 ShA and has a top operating speed of 800 meters/minute.

“Rollers provide the last surface to be in contact with the product being manufactured and as such it is vitally important that they enable producers to create the combination of thickness, strength and softness required. “The roller also has to perform with great effectiveness at high running speeds and to offer a durability that allows around-the-clock production for as long as possible before requiring attention. Trelleborg is able to achieve this due to the creation of a precise and consistent coating that maintains the same characteristics throughout its lifetime,” continues Guillaume Bordais.

Trelleborg’s expertise in rubber formulations and its extensive knowledge of roller applications has enabled it to develop innovative software that simulates the dynamic behavior of the rubber in the nip between the two rollers. This allows converters to obtain a tailor-made rubber covering that matches any product specification in terms of paper thickness, log bulk and paper roll length.

Guillaume Bordais concludes: “Paper converters need partners that provide strong technical support and our engineers go to enormous lengths to make sure that the Trelleborg roller and the settings on the converting machine are matched exactly in order to give the highest productivity. When producers have to use the same converting machine to handle different stocks and products, it is even more important to have rollers that provide a level of versatility that lets these changeovers be undertaken efficiently.

“The global paper converting sector continues to grow steadily and Trelleborg’s share of the market has also been increasing year-by-year. Many customers are attracted by our one-stop shop approach and the versatility of our range. For example, our embossing rollers offer outstanding abrasion resistance and elasticity, our glue applicator rollers are available in polyurethane or rubber, while our ‘marrying’ rollers can be supplied in very hard, but elastic, rubber.

“As a leading manufacturer, we are extremely conscious of our responsibility to the environment, a fact that influences the work carried out at our extensive research and development facilities. Highly durable rollers, operating at the correct settings, are beneficial to everyone!”

Visitors to the Trelleborg booth (29B) at MIAC 2017 will be able to speak throughout the three days of the event to Guillaume Bordais and Cristiano Manfredi, who is Key Account Manager for Italy.