Trelleborg Showcases Latest Rollin Rollers and Belts for Shrinking Textiles at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016

Trelleborg Showcases Latest Rollin Rollers and Belts for Shrinking Textiles at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016
Trelleborg’s rollers and belts operation will be showcasing the latest developments in its Rollin® range at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 from 21 to 25 October on stand H6D52. Products on display will include Rollin rubber shrinking belts, which can be used for the compressive shrinking of virtually any textiles. 

Guillaume Bordais, Sales and Business Development Manager for Trelleborg’s rollers and belts, says: “Rollin has been  an established brand for rollers and belts for textile use for more than 150 years, so we have a huge depth of knowledge about these products. Our comprehensive experience extends throughout the company and our Chinese operation is able to provide customers with extensive technical support, help during installation and start up, as well as first class after sales care. 

“We work closely with OEMs and end users and can create advisory programs for a customer’s particular operation to ensure the maximum efficiency of production and the greatest yield. In addition, our experts have produced comprehensive guidelines on how to set up and maintain Rollin rollers and belts and these are available in Chinese.”

The Trelleborg rollers and belts operation in Shanghai holds the license to sell 3,962 mm and 2,400 mm belts directly in China, providing an enhanced service to customers. Correctly overhauled a textile shrinking machine can obtain the highest output for different weights and types of fabric. Requiring a level of skill, Trelleborg’s highly trained distributors throughout Asia provide quality service and support at every stage of installation and use of Rollin rollers and belts to optimize customers’ performance. 

Trelleborg’s rollers and belts operation offers a range of rubber shrinking belts for use on Sanfor and Comfit machines with a 3,962 mm internal circumference and Muzzi machines with a 2,400 mm internal circumference used for elastic stripes. Rollin ensures optimum shrinkage and an outstanding surface aspect for the most demanding fabrics. Due to its new inner surface, Rollin guarantees better reliability and longer life time for rubber belts.

Rollin rollers and belts incorporate a seamless multilayer structure that offers improved mechanical resistance, providing consistency of performance, a high shrinking rate and a longer life time between grindings. The product is available for every fabric, from knitted or woven to cotton or man-made fibers. Rollers and belts are produced in widths between 1,400 mm and 3,600 mm, with an outer face hardness of 38 ShA. 

ITMA ASAI + CITME 2016 takes place every two years and the high quality event is supported by leading global trade associations. A showcase for textile makers, the show’s over 1,600 exhibitors attract some 100,000 visitors.