Trelleborg Printing Solutions Flexo Team Update

New organization of the team that operates for the flexo printing segment.

Since the Axcyl business joined Trelleborg in 2008, business has enjoyed an unbelievable growth thanks to your continuous effort & dedication for our product offering.

More recently, one could observe also that despite the unprecedent times we are going through, Flexo printers are busy, printing packaging materials in particular for the food, medical & hygiene businesses.

Trusting the Flexo business will continue to grow in the coming years, we want to dedicate more time on this strategic segment.

This is the reason why from July 1st, the President of the Printing Solutions BU, Mr. Dario Porta, will have Damien Leterrier, Axcyl Sales & Application Manager, directly reporting to him, instead of Ofer Ido who will leave the Group at the end of June.

Additionally, we are pleased to introduce Nicolas Maillard who joined Trelleborg as the new Site manager of our Axcyl sleeve business in Mirambeau.

Nicolas is replacing Katia Deycard who left the company to pursue other venture. Nicolas has 20 years of experience in operations in international environments and spent his last 10 years as Site Manager in Mexico for a multinational company operating in the aerospace industry.

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