Trelleborg launches Japanese Printing Solutions Website

Trelleborg launches Japanese Printing Solutions Website

Trelleborg Printing Solutions has launched a new website developed specifically for Japan, an increasingly important market in which the company has been present for over 10 years.

The focus of the new website is on the wide and comprehensive offering of printing blankets and coating plates for the offset market, as well as some selected solutions for flexo printers. The website is also aimed at keeping printers informed on different promotional activities carried out in the market; product launches and news, as well as trade shows and road shows all around Japan.

Marco Carlini, Regional Sales Director for Asia-Pacific says, “Trelleborg strives to be as close as possible to its customers with a local presence, global reach approach, and with great care taken to ensure that customers and other stakeholders have access to relevant and up-to-date information about their local markets. Reflecting this, and the importance placed on the Japanese market, the website has not only translated into Japanese, but the content and the structure is tailored to local needs and business in Japan.

“Historically, Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation has always had a strong presence in Japan, a key and very demanding market for us, where quality and consistency always come first. We are pleased that Trelleborg has managed to consolidate its position in the market thanks to enhanced product performance and quality. Our solutions are well recognized in Japan, thanks to their high quality and the stringent standards employed at our central R&D and manufacturing facility in Lodi Vecchio, Italy.”

The Japanese website features information about innovation, products and solutions available on the Japanese market, local and international news, as well as company and industry events in Japan.