Trelleborg at NPES Outlook Conference 2017

Trelleborg at NPES Outlook Conference 2017
Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation will attend NPES PrintPack Outlook Conference 2017, which will be presented on August 25, 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia during the FGD EXPO 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Center. The NPES PrintPack Outlook Conference 2017 will discuss today’s challenges, opportunities, new trends, and collaborations between Indonesia and the U.S.
The PrintPack Outlook Conference  is part of Indonesia Trade Mission and it is in conjunction with the FGD Expo 2017 (August 24-27). The FGD Expo is a bi-annual event that showcases the latest in creativity, design, and printing innovation and technology. The NPES trade mission, together with the conference, provides a unique forum for participants to interact with industry peers and practitioners, exchange ideas, discuss strategies, and explore or build business relationships.
Trelleborg will present latest solutions for the offset printing market and packaging applications.
One of the latest is Vulcan Pack UV, a versatile blanket designed for packaging and metal printing with UV inks. This Vulcan blanket is the solution that overcome the technical issues commonly encountered by printers operating UV presses.
As part of our portfolio, Trelleborg is also presenting its Rollin TCB1, reliable solution for packaging application with an unique construction design which improves printing quality and longevity as well as Printec 864, all-around and well established printing blanket available for the Indonesian market.
The Trelleborg team can be contacted on the trade association meeting area of NPES (booth A12a), or alternatively by contacting Andrea Trevisi  (+65 8533 7437).