Strip 4 UV (S4U) A new design of offset varnishing plate for a wide range of UV applications

Savatech Print Programme is pleased to announce the latest addition to our range of offset varnishing plates specially made for UV varnish.
The S4U with a specially formulated EPDM printing surface is offered in a thickness of 1.15, 1.35 and 1.95 m.

The additives used in the EPDM surface compound not only provide the plate with exceptional swell resistance to a wide range of UV varnishes and washes, but also assist in optimum ink transfer to reduce and eliminate piling and de-elimination issues.

This specially formulated UV-resistant printing surface is micro-ground to an ideal roughness to ensure an accurate sheet release as well as perfect and precise cutting and stripping.

In addition to the unique printing surface and high stability due to the polyester base, the S4U guarantees a high quality coating and a long lifetime on the press.

The S4U is the best choice for a quality UV varnish coating.

Highly recommended for all UV applications:
• Sheet-fed
• Packaging

• High resistance to various UV coating varnishes
• Bi-directional, high stability
• Perfect cutting and strippable
• For CAD and manual cutting
• Longer runs
• Long lifetime and value for money
• Prevents piling and de-eliminations
• Excellent sheet release
• High gloss effect to UV varnish
• Perfect for repeat jobs