Trelleborg at DRUPA 2016

Highlights at DRUPA 2016

Print Programme is pleased to announce the latest addition to its range of sticky offset printing blankets – SLB.

E-Form is a high quality self-adhesive offset printing blanket for high capacity envelope printing. Its major advantage is good ink transfer and dimensional stability even at higher temperatures. E-Form is available in thickness 0.95mm and 1.07mm.

C-Form has a unique printing surface and a specially developed carcass to guarantee high quality printing and a long lifetime on press. It is highly recommended for envelope, label and continuous forms printing. C-Form is available in thickness 1.95mm.

T-Form is a self-adhesive blanket, available in thickness 1.95mm. It is designed for general Continuous – Business Forms application and provides excellent printing qualities; the blanket is compatible with UV and conventional inks.

Cup Master/Magic is designed to optimize the performance of compressible blanket. It is an innovative plastic printing blanket designed to print both thermo-formed and injection moulded plastic cups and containers at medium and high speeds. A combination of poly-butadiene surface rubber compound ensures excellent resistance to abrasion. Its advanced adhesive provides a strong adhesion on different surfaces.

In addition to the unique printing surface and high stability due to its sticky back surface with special glue, these blankets benefit from a specifically designed compressible layer that guarantees high quality printing and a long lifetime on press.
High standards of our manufacturing process ensure that our series of sticky offset printing blankets will offer printers consistent high quality.
This range is the best choice for quality printing and recommended for use with UV and hybrid inks.

Highly recommended for:
Cup printing
Label printing
Continuous - Business Forms
Can printing

High quality dot reproduction
Easy installation and removal
Long lifetime and value for money