Focus on people in Trelleborg printing solutions

Engagement Survey: A Simple Request with Unexpected Results

Trelleborg’s HR Management Policy, one of the company’s main strategies, sometimes produces unexpected but simple results. During the internal engagement survey conducted throughout 2016 in the Lodi Vecchio facility in Italy, the “Fai Sentire la Tua Voce” (Speak Aloud!) initiative brought forward a new request from the operators: to know and understand the usage of products manufactured at the facility to better understand their importance.

The Company immediately took the chance to foster the initiative, appreciating its spontaneity and encouraging the team, who demonstrated a proactive spirit and sense of affinity with their own job, and with Trelleborg as well.

From April to June 2016, teams visited ATS Special Oil Seals Srl, based in Nova Milanese, Monza Brianza, Italy. ATS is a producer of special rotary shaft oil seals manufactured using technologically advanced processes with Trelleborg’s rubber-coated fabrics, which were developed at the engineered fabrics department at the Lodi Vecchio facility. 

Daniele Grandi, who has worked as an operator at the Lodi Vecchio facility for nine years and aided in promoting the initiative, says: “It was very instructive to see how and where our products are used, to know about different production process and understand how any errors can impact the process: a new incentive to increase our commitment and efforts to produce high quality products. An experience to repeat!”

Emanuela Vento, Process Engineer for engineered fabrics within Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation tutored the two groups for the visits.

The initiative will continue over the coming months, and will be extended to more people and departments at the Lodi Vecchio manufacturing facility.