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Trelleborg takes care of printers in France

Trelleborg Printing Solutions, manufacturer of printing blankets for offset printing applications, launched in July its e-commerce website for France. Vulcan, Rollin and Printec blankets and a wide range of chemicals can be purchased online by printers and distributors.


The French team does not simply sell blankets, but offers an expert technical and commercial service to printers thank to a plan of visits, calls and e-mail, and now also through the newly introduced e-shop,


A complete solution before and after sales

Christophe Cousin is Trelleborg Printing Solutions Technical and After-Sales Manager for France. He is responsible for blankets and chemicals technical services (fountain solutions, machine start-up, technical monitoring, and so on.).

His main role is keep on developing the connection between printers and Trelleborg back office team. “I am the link between commercials and clients, to improve printers technical performances or to support commercials in the choice of the best blankets according to the machine or to customer needs.”

A solid experience in every step of the production

Since Christophe Cousin worked as a printer, he knows all the elements which govern the set up  of a print house. He started as a worker in a rotary press in the print shop Jean Decoster and he continued as rotary press operator by Léonce Deprez and then as head of the rotary press, sheetfed and finishing.

He also was a demonstrator in rotary and sheetfed presses by Komori. Now he is 48 years old and he has been working with Trelleborg for many years.


“When I visit the printer my aim is not only talking about blankets. Thanks to the different roles I had in my previous jobs, I can offer solutions to printing matters, on a circular way. We can make wetting and water grip analyses, emulsion tests, and many others.” says Cousin.

“Thanks to years of experience we can also deliver trainings and workshops about blankets, inks, chemicals, and other consumable that have to do with the offset printing process.”


What’s the role of the blanket in the printing process? What are its characteristics? What’s the influence of the blanket in printing? How can it optimize printing quality? What are chemical interactions? These are some of the main topics touched during the training courses.


 “What is important is creating the trust with the customer, offering a real after-sales service. This training allows to keep in mind some fundamental issues. Some activities have to be done every day to improve productivity. I came in contact with a lot of printing concerns during my career, so I can share my experience while working everyday”, ends Christophe Cousin.


Source: based on, article by Johan Maumus, November 15, 2018