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Satisfying TrelleborgPrintingShop customers is a challenging goal

Trelleborg Printing Solutions, global manufacturer of blankets, launched last July its eshop for France (  Its blankets are produced at the manufacturing plant in Cernay, in Alsace. Vincent Holleaux, Operations Manager at Trelleborg Coated Systems France, shares the issues and new challenges related to the e-shop introduction.

Can you introduce the company?
Trelleborg Coated Systems France employs 62 people, in the majority with at least 20 years of seniority, both in the operational and commercial/sales operations.
We carry out two activities in the facility: offset, consisting in blanket production, and roll covering, that means dressing cylinders with rubber for tissue converting and metal applications.

What’s your blanket offer? 
We do converting. It means that we convert blankets starting from the rolls of material we get from our parent company, Trelleborg Coated Systems Italy.
The entire rolls are manufactured in Italy and we, in France, are in charge of the production of barred blankets. In the Cernay factory we cut the rolls, stick bars and then directly deliver blankets to customers in France, but also abroad, in the EMEA and APAC regions.
We serve different segments: sheetfed, heatset and coldest, business forms and security printing.
You launched some months ago your e-commerce platform in France, what are your challenges?
We launched the e-shop website in France because in this market we mostly serve directly offset printers. It is a very big challenge for us in the upcoming years: we adjusted our processes to adapt to this new order flow, that requires reduced production and shipping times, and we are also progressively adapting our stock management.

What do you mean?
We have a great product mix, in blanket size, style and type of bars for different machines, so we can only manage few orders selling products already in stock. 90% of updated orders have to be produced from A to Z.
With the e-shop platform, offering every day the shortest lead times, keeping an adequate flexibility and answering to all customer needs is a real challenge.
You are part of a very competitive market, what’s you development strategy?
Our actual strategy is to develop more and more technical advices and to accompany customers, maintaining shorter shipping times.
We diversify our offer proposing a complete range of different solutions for printers: besides blankets, we offer chemicals, and under-blankets.
The strength of our company is flexibility, employees’ knowledge and versatility, so that we can react the most rapidly to the market, offering custom-tailored solutions.

Source: based on, article by Johan Maumus, December 26, 2018