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We understand your business

We know that your reputation depends on the performance of your products, not only during installation, but over a long life cycle too. Trelleborg Pipe Seals delivers high quality solutions that enable you to produce easy to install pipe sections, with long-term protection against failure built in. Find out how Trelleborg can improve your products and enhance your reputation.

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You can rely on the Market Leader

Trelleborg Pipe Seals will help you to enhance your product range and ensure easy installation for your customers, through market leading technologies.  

Consistently high quality seals mean less scrap, better productivity and the most reliable products for your customers. The strength of our solutions has been proven in Europe for over 60 years; use our expertise to enhance your reputation. 

We can provide specialised engineering support for the specific requirements of your products, with a wide portfolio to suit your production techniques. From integrated seals to locked- in seals to after fit – we have a solution to meet all your customers’ needs.

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High Quality Seals - made by Trelleborg

Trelleborg Pipe Seals can help you enhance your offering with market leading technologies and high quality seals. 

Our entire product portfolio, including locked-in and integrated pipe seals, is always backed up by specialised engineering support, giving you access to the experts at Trelleborg. 

With consistent quality and productivity assured, we can help you to improve operations, boosting your reputation and your bottom line.