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All round value anywhere in the pipe cycle

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation offers new pipe seals for various pressure and non-pressure pipes and manholes used in potable and waste water applications, as well as “no-dig” rehabilitation solutions for house connection pipes and sewers. Engineers and specifiers will now be able to source pipe seal and rehabilitation solutions for its entire pipe cycle needs -  and all from one experienced supplier.

Pipe Cycle - All round value anywhere in the pipe cycle
Pipe seals and Pipe rehabilitation
Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has consolidated all products under two solution areas – pipe seals and pipe rehabilitation. Thus we are enabling you to better utilise Trelleborg’s experience and mastery of the whole pipe lifecycle - from manufacturing to installation, maintenance and renovation.

Widest choice of premium solutions
As part of the Trelleborg Group we offer the widest choice of premium pipe and connector seals for new infrastructure as well as certified rehabilitation solutions for existing pipe infrastructure to ensure superior operation of water and waste water infrastructure with complete confidence.

Boosting your effectiveness
We have the expertise to boost your effectiveness. N

o matter the requirement within the pipe cycle supply chain, we will provide solutions which add integrity and longevity to each water and wastewater pipe project.


We make leak free hassle-free across the whole pipe cycle. 

From the manufacture of new pipe seals to our range of solutions for pipe rehabilitation, we supply solutions that establish premium performance and maintain it over a long product lifecycle.