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Getting on top of what's underneath

Trelleborg has the expertise to boost your effectiveness. With solutions that add integrity and longevity to water and sewage pipe infrastructure, and transform the efficiency of installation and repair processes, we make your work and your reputation watertight.

One Company - many innovations

World leading pipe manhole and connector seals
Offering the very best in ease of manufacturing, installation and quality, our extensive range of premium pipes, manhole and connector seals can be applied to concrete, plastic for water, sewage and drainage applications. We help manufacturers and installers enhance their reputation by producing reliable, leak free, easy to maintain pipes.

World-class pipe rehabilitation
Our pipe rehabilitation solutions allow users to maintain existing networks for extended periods of up to fifty years. From simple spot repairs to holistic pipe rehabilitation solutions our engineers apply their knowledge of pipe technology offering a truly bespoke service.

Expand your service

By enabling you to expand your service offering, we can help you win more business and we will provide full training so you fully understand the benefits you can pass on to customers. Our ‘no dig’ solutions, from drain to plant, will reduce the risk of claims, helping you to protect your reputation and enhance your profit.

Getting it right the first time

You’re looking to boost your profits through new opportunities, and we can help. Our pipe rehabilitation services represent market-leading technologies, with full training provided.  We will ensure you receive full support to easily acquire the skills you need to capitalize on our state of the art technologies, with surprisingly low investment required from you. 

Watertight solutions that last

Whether you are looking to install new pipe systems or repair existing infrastructure, Trelleborg helps you with watertight solutions that last