Vacuum units for pipe rehabilitation

Trelleborg Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps serve quality assurance purposes in the Trelleborg Pipe Lining method. They are used to evacuate the air contained in the needle felt of the liner and ensure a bubble-free impregnation. This contributes to achieve good mechanical properties and stability of the cured liner.  

evacuating air 

What are they used for?

Vacuum pumps are used to evacuate the air contained in the needle felt of the liner. 

This step is necessary to allow the resin to readily penetrate into the pores of the needle felt and wet the entire structure to ensure bubble-free resin impregnation of the liner. 

electrical driven unit

Why is it important?

If not evacuated remaining air in the impregnated liner material will end up in bubbles which leave unwetted and unsaturated areas (dry spots).  These dry parts of the liner will be a serious weak point for the whole installation work:  

The incorrect impregnated liners will after installation and curing not fully restore and meet the structural and hydraulic requirements for the future life cycle of the pipe. The pipe will be vulnerable against infiltration and exfiltration and every other external loads. 

manually operated unit

An indispensable tool when details matter

In order to acchieve high quality results according to the technical requirements the vacuum unit is an indispensible tool for all trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods that work with liner and resin. 

  • Trelleborg Vacuum Pumps are mobile pumps
  • can be used both on the job site and inside
  • electrically driven or manually operated


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