Trelleborg 592 Rieber PIP, integrated sealing systems for sewer ans stormwater plastic pipes

Size Chart

SIZE ID-Nom W-Ref  T-nom


5.891 0.957 0.425
8 7.883 1.063 0.472
10 9.868 1.276 0.567 
12 11.881 1.382 0.614
Note: These dimension are for general reference. Refer to DWG 09A-2604 for approved values
F592 Rieber PIP. Trelleborg

Dimensions and designation

All data in inches

On each seal, profile thickness, outer diameter, recommended pipe measurement and production period are given. The corresponding data are also on the packaging.

Subject to change for technical reasons

Joint Assembly

F576 Angerlock. Trelleborg

The spigot and socket of the pipe should be checked for damage prior to jointing.

The pipe spigot should be chamfered with an angle of 15°, taking care to remove all burrs. 

Both spigot and socket including the sealing ring should be free from dirt and other foreign matter. 

Lubricant should be applied evenly to the spigot end of the pipe.

F-592 Rieber PIP

Immediately after lubrication, the spigot should be brought into contact with the socket. 

Both spigot and socket should correctly aligned and then slide the spigot into the socket, thus compressing the seal until the joint is fully made.


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