Trelleborg 605 Sewer-Lock™, integrated sealing systems for sewer ans stormwater plastic pipes

System Description

Trelleborg 605 Sewer-Lock™ integrated system uses the mandrel together with the seal as a tool to form the pipe socket during the manufacturing process. The seal becomes part of the socket forming tool used to shape its own seal groove reducing irregularities and tolerances in the socket.

Forsheda 605 Power-Lock. Trelleborg

Seal design & function

Trelleborg 605 Sewer-Lock™ is a composite seal consisting of:

  • A flexible rubber element to seal effectively against spigot and socket

  • A polypropylene reinforcement element, bonded to the rubber, which holds the seal firmly in place 

Forsheda 605 Power-Lock. Trelleborg

Seal Performance

Trelleborg 605 Sewer-Lock™ seal meets or exceeds current European and ISO standards for wastewater lines both for indoor and underground.

Furthermore, the seal design gives low assembly forces making pipe jointing easier.



Trelleborg 605 Sewer-Lock™ seal is made from two materials. 

For dimensions up to 400 mm the sealing element is TPE and the plastic retaining element is polypropylene. The TPE material meets the European standard EN 681-2, class 60.

Oil resistant to EN 681-2 WH for dimensions above 400 mm the sealing element is EPDM rubber 50±5 IRHD which meets the European standard EN 681-1.

Seal Dimensions

Examples of Sizes



10.7 19.6
110 11.5 17.7
125 13.9 19.9
160 15.0  21.8
200  15.3 26.6
250 17.5  29.6 
315 21.4  38.0 
355 17.0  31.5 
400  25.3  43.6 
500 22.0  41.9
630 26.9 48.9 
710 29.6  53.7 
800 43.8 75.0 
Forsheda 605 Power-Lock. Trelleborg

Dimensions and designation

All data in millimeter.

On each seal, profile thickness, outer diameter, recommended pipe measurement and production period are given. The corresponding data are also on the packaging.

Subject to change for technical reasons


Do you need support?

Please contact Trelleborg Pipe Seals for technical advice and joint design recommendations to meet your performance requirements. We will be happy to support you.

Video Joint Assembly

F576 Angerlock. Trelleborg

Step 1

The spigot and socket of the pipe should be checked for damage prior to jointing. 

The pipe spigot should be chamfered with an angle of 15°, taking care to remove all burrs. 

Both spigot and socket including the sealing ring should be free from dirt and other foreign matter. 

Lubricant should be applied evenly to the spigot end of the pipe.

Forsheda 605 Power-Lock. Trelleborg

Step 2

Immediately after lubrication, the spigot should be brought into contact with the socket.

Both spigot and socket should correctly aligned and then slide the spigot into the socket, thus compressing the seal until the joint is fully made.


More detailed information



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Datasheet Trelleborg 605 Sewer-Lock™ EN


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