Trelleborg 103 Integrated Glipp Seal, Sealing System for Sewer and Stormwater Pipes

Size Chart

Pipe DN A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)


10.0 24.5  5.0
225-300 12.0 28.5  6.0
300-675 14.0 33.8  7.0
700-1200 18.0 43.4  9.0
1200-1600 22.0 53.0  11.0
1800-2100 26.0 62.4  13.0
 >2100 30.0 72.0  15.0
Forsheda 103. Trelleborg

Dimensions and designation

All data in millimeter.

On each seal, profile thickness, outer diameter, recommended pipe measurement and production period are given. The corresponding data are also on the packaging.

Subject to change for technical reasons

Joint Assembly

Forsheda 103. Trelleborg

Inspect the pipes and ensure they are in good condition. The white protective strip in the socket helps to keep the sealing area free from dirt, mud and gravel.

Forsheda 103. Trelleborg

Remove the protective strip by gripping the tape and pulling towards the centre of the pipe. Small parts of the strip can remain in the pipe without affecting the
joint performance.

Forsheda 103. Trelleborg

Ensure the spigot and socket are clean. Apply lubricant to the spigot. This should be spread evenly over the entire surface paying special attention to the front radius of the spigot.

Forsheda 103. Trelleborg

Centre the spigot into the socket and push the pipes together. The socket design and wedge shaped seal provide a funnel action and help centre the pipes.


More detailed information

Trelleborg 103 Integrated Glipp Seal

Data Sheet  

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Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

CE Mark


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