Trelleborg 172 Load distributor, Integrated Sealing System for Sewer and Stormwater Pipes

System description

Trelleborg 172 Load distributor is designed for manhole systems in accordance with DIN V 4034-1. It is a load distribution element that is placed on the outer spigot end face of the manhole components in addition to the sealing ring. The plastomeric strip compensates for any unevenness between the load bearing surfaces of the manhole components, distributing the vertical load and preventing concrete to concrete contact which could lead to point loading and structural failure.

Forshesa 172, Trelleborg

Seal Performance

Trelleborg 172 Load distributor meets or exceeds the requirements of all the current relevant European standards including the requirements of DIN V 4034-1 regarding static load transfer.  


For safe and easy installation of manhole systems Trelleborg Pipe Seals offer Trelleborg 104 Delta Seal, Trelleborg 116 Pre-Lube Manhole Seal and Trelleborg118 sealing systems which can be used in conjunction with the Trelleborg 172 Load distributor element.

The Trelleborg 160 Integrated Manhole Seal integrated manhole sealing system is also recommended to be used with Trelleborg 172 Load distributor. 

Forsheda 172, Trelleborg


Ensure the surfaces of the manhole components are clean and free from damage. 

Take the Trelleborg 172 Load distributor from the packaging, unroll and place on the outer spigot and face as shown above. Install the sealing ring onto the spigot, and joint as normal. 

Size Chart

DN 800
DN 1000
DN 1200
DN 1500
DN 2000
DN 2500
DN 3000


Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

CE Mark


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