Trelleborg 116 Pre-Lube Manhole Seal Sealing System for Sewer and Stormwater Manholes

System Description

Trelleborg 116 Pre-Lube Manhole Seal is designed as a sliding seal to which lubricant has been applied between the sliding skin and the body of the seal. The tip of the skin is folded over and glued to the body of the seal to ensure the lubricant stays in place. During installation, the adhesive joint releases allowing lubricated skin to slide over the body of the seal. This design permits installation with very low force, as there is no friction between rubber and concrete. The special design of the joint and seal make the system easy to centre during jointing.

Forsheda 116 Design and funtion. Trelleborg

Seal Performance

Trelleborg 116 Pre-Lube Manhole Seal seal meets all relevant current European Standards. 

Joint performance is dependent on dimensional accuracy and surface finish of socket and spigot. 

Forsheda 116. Seal Performance. Trelleborg


  • Synthetic SBR or EPDM rubber

  • Hardness 40±5 IRHD

  • Approved in accordance with EN 681-1

  • Protected against ozone

  • Oil resistant grades are available on request

Size Chart

A B Joint GAP
16 25.0 9.2±1.2
18 25.0 10.4±1.4
20 26.6 11.5±1.5
22 30.0 12.7±1.7
24 32.0 13.5±2.0
26 35.0 15.0±2.0
28 38.0 16.0±2.5
30 41.0 17.1±2.5
Forsheda 116. Trelleborg

Dimensions and designation

All data in millimeter.

On each seal, profile thickness, outer diameter, recommended pipe measurement and production period are given. The corresponding data are also on the packaging.

Subject to change for technical reasons

Joint Assembly

Forsheda 116. Trelleborg

Stretch the seal onto the spigot and position against the shoulder. Equalize the stress in the seal by lifting it at a few points. It is vital that the seal seats against the shoulder around the whole circumfe-rence of the manhole.

Forsheda 116, Trelleborg

Centre the manhole sections and complete the joint. Depending on the joint design it may be possible to joint one side of the manhole, followed by the other.

Forsheda 116. Trelleborg

The position of the seal in an assembled mahole is shown in picture.

Forsheda 116, Trelleborg

If re-joining is required ensure the sliding skin is drawn back to position as shown in the picture.


Data sheet

Trelleborg 116 Pre-Lube Manhole Seal  

Download (pdf)


Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

CE Mark


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