Trelleborg 160 Integrated Manhole Seal, Integrated Sealing System for Sewer and Stormwater Manholes

System description

Trelleborg 160 Integrated Manhole Seal is a one-piece integrated seal that is cast into the socket during manhole manufacture. It is specifically designed for use with the spigot design according to DIN V 4034-1.

Forheda 160. Design and funtion. Trelleborg

Seal design & function

  1. Sealing part, made of soft rubber, (40 IRHD) is a combined lip and compression seal. The soft rubber has excellent flexibility to take up irregularities in the spigot surface.

  2. Retaining sections are cast into the concrete during pipe manufacture and secure the seal in the correct position.

  3. Slurry lips seal against the base ring (pallet) pre venting concrete ingress during manhole manufacture. The lips are made of soft 40 IRHD rubber which gives an excellent seal between seal and base ring.
Forheda 160. Seal Perfornce. Trelleborg

Seal Performance

Trelleborg 160 Integrated Manhole Seal meets or exceeds the requirements of all current relevant European standards including the FBS demands.



  • Synthetic rubber EPDM

  • Dual hardness 

  • Sealing part 40±5 IRHD

  • Forming part 63±5 IRHD

  • Approved in accordance with EN 681-1

  • Protected against ozone

Seal dimensions

DN (mm) Effective Profile thickness, mm A (mm) B (mm)


20 22.9 68.2
1200 24.0 22.0 71.3
1500 25.0 24.9 80.6

You need support?

Please contact Trelleborg Pipe Seals for technical advice and joint design recommendations to meet your performance requirements.
Forheda 160. Trelleborg

Dimensions and designation

All data in millimeter.

On each seal, profile thickness, outer diameter, recommended pipe measurement and production period are given. The corresponding data are also on the packaging.

Subject to change for technical reasons

Joint Assembly

Forheda 160. Trelleborg

Apply lubricant to the spigot of the manhole. This should be spread evenly over the entire surface paying special attention to the top radius. Lubrication may also be applied to the seal to further assist jointing.
Forheda 160. Trelleborg

Centre the socket over the spigot and lower the upper manhole element to complete the joint. Light weight elements may require an additional vertical force to fully close the joint.


Data sheet

Trelleborg 160  

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Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

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