Trelleborg 601 Power-Lock™ (metric), F-601 Power-Lock™ metric, Integrated Sealing System for Potable Water Pipes

System Description

Trelleborg 601 Power-LockTM is integrated into the pipe during the manufacturing process. By heating the pipe and using the mandrel together with the seal as a tool to form the socket, the seal is effectively shaping its own groove. This reduces irregularities and tolerances in the socket.

Forsheda 601 Power-Lock. Desing and funtion. Seal performance. Trelleborg

Seal design & function

The seal is equally effective under positive and negative pipe pressure (vacuum). Under positive pressure, the higher the pressure the greater the sealing force. Under vacuum, the seal maintains a positive sealing force against spigot and socket, preventing sand or soil to enter the joint.

The Trelleborg 601 Power-Lock™ is a composite seal consisting of: 

  1. A flexible rubber element to seal effectively against spigot and socket
  2. A polypropylene reinforcement element, which holds the seal firmly in place

Forsheda 601 Power-Lock. Seal performance. Trelleborg

Seal Performance

Trelleborg 601 Power-Lock™ meets or exceeds current European and ISO standards for pressure, vacuum, deflection and shear load. 

The seal design gives low assembly forces making pipe jointing easier. Improved productivity and lower scrap during belling process for the pipe producer when compare to traditional integrated seals.

Power-Lock™ tolerates ovality effects caused by transportation or storage of the pipe better than other integrated seals. Eliminates the risk of corrosion by removing metal inserts. 



  • Synthetic rubber (EPDM)
  • Hardness 50+/-5 IRHD
  • Approved for drinking water


Automatic insertion

Size Chart

 50  8.0  17.2
 63  8.0  17.3
 75  9.0  20.0
 90  11.0  24.3
 100-S2  14.0 32.3
 110  12.0 26.6
 125  14.0  32.3
 140  14.0  32.0
 150-S2  16.0  35.9
 160  15.0   33.5
 200   16.0  35.9
 200-S2  17.0  37.1
 225  17.0  37.1
 250  19.0   42.9 
 250-S2  20.0  43.6
 280  20.0  43.6
 315  21.0   45.8 
 355  23.0   50.2
 400   25.0   54.5 
 450  23.5  58.2
 500  30.0   65.4
 630  37.0  83.9 
 710  41.0   92.3
Forsheda 601 Power-Lock. Trelleborg

Dimensions and designation

All data in millimeter

On each seal, profile thickness, outer diameter, recommended pipe measurement and production period are given. The corresponding data are also on the packaging.

Subject to change for technical reasons


Do you need support?

Please contact Trelleborg Pipe Seals for technical advice and joint design recommendations to meet your performance requirements. We will be happy to support you.

Joint Assembly

F576 Angerlock. Trelleborg

Inspect the spigot, socket and seal for damage and remove any dirt or dust prior to assembly. Chamfer the spigot end and remove all burrs.

Apply lubricant to the spigot end and immediately bring it into contact with the socket.

Forsheda 601 Power-Lock. Trelleborg

Align spigot and socket, and slide the spigot into the pipe, past the seal.

As the pipes are jointed the rubber sealing element is deformed and creates pressure against both spigot and socket resulting in a watertight seal.


Data sheet

Trelleborg 601 Power-Lock  

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The best Sealing Solutions for Plastic Pipes  

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Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

CE Mark


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