Trelleborg Silicate Resins

Trelleborg Silicate Resin

Cured Trelleborg Silicate Resinsare highly chemical resistant, heat resistant and in case of fire self-extinguishing. Thus they can be used in critical areas such as airports and tunnels. The patented formula do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are completely styrene-free. They can be used in a wide range of ambient temperatures from Iceland to Abu Dhabi. The excellent bonding to all pipe materials with a tight and positive fit to HDPE pipes as well as a service life of 50+ years make eprosSilicate Resin systems belonging to the most popular and well established consumables among installers and customers worldwide. 

Trelleborg Silicate Resin Systems


 System Description  Colour
Mixing ratio  Pot time 
 Curing time
 For Patch repair and LCR-S  Resin (comp. B)
 Hardener (comp. A)
°C / °F
°C / °F
 Trelleborg Summer Resin   brown  neutral  2 : 1  32  20 / 68  260 20 / 68
 Trelleborg Winter Resin
 neutral  2 : 1
 15  20 / 68  120  20 / 68
 Trelleborg Acellerator
 neutral  2 : 1
 13 - 15  10 / 50    
 4.5 - 7.5  22 / 71.6   60  20 / 68

Inducement of reaction times by mixing the silicate resin types

Summer Resin  Winter Resin   Pot time
at 20 °C / 68 °F
Curing time *)
at 15 °C / 59 °F
 total 2 parts  1 part Minutes  Minutes 
 0 15  115 
 1 18  120 
 2 21  140 
 3 25 165 
 4 28 180
 5 31 200 
 6 0 3 32  260 
 *) Labor values at 22 °C / 71.6 °F in 300 ml / 18.3 cu in cup volume (just for orientation)


Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

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International Standards

In conformance with worldwide standards


European Standards

In confirmance with European standards

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Technical Approval

No. Z-42.3-385
DN 100 to DN 800

epros®DrainPacker method
epros®DrainLCR-S method

with epros®SilicateResin 
Types S, W, W01
UE-Zeichen Z-42.3-385

External Quality Control


More detailed information

Silicate Resin Types


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Chemical Resistance Chart

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Fire Behavior of Silicate Resins


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