Trelleborg Lateral Connection Repair (S)

The Trelleborg LCR-S method 

 The Trelleborg LCR-S system is an essential method and cost-saving tool to repair and permanently seal main/lateral interfaces and connections from the main line (DN 135 - DN 600) down into the lateral (DN 100 - DN 200)

LCR-S Scheme 2

Smart tools to assist you 

The exact determination of the damaged area and the correct positioning of the packer is the precondition for a successful installation.

The packer is therefore equipped with a camera, a telescopic wheel system and a rotary drive for utmost maneuverability and orientation in the pipe. 

A special designed lifting  mechanism, called "pathfinder", supports the correct positioning inside the sewer pipe at the damaged lateral connection.

LCR-S Scheme 3

Absolute process control

The monitoring camera installed on the packer assists in the positioning process. 

Once the LCR-S packer has reached the junction, the mouth piece of the LCR-S hat profile or LCR-S liner can be turned by means of the push rod reel system for proper alignment with the branch. 

 You can monitor and control all operations with the external control unit
LCR-S Scheme 4

Save installation through control mechanisms

The control mechanisms built into the system ensure the highest possible level of security and a high quality result:

  • Starting the inflation process is possible only after the lateral hose is locked in place. 
  • When the lateral packer hose has been completely inverted, a clear acoustic signal is given to indicate that the inversion process successfully is finalized. 

LCR-S Scheme 5

Curing at ambient temperatures

The resin systems used in the LCR-S process are ambient curing - this means that you do not need additional technical equipment for heat supply

Long processing and short curing times increase safety of working and lead to better results. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and styrene-free. In combination with the glass-fiber reinforced carrier material, you will achieve excellent mechanical properties and a sustainable rehabilitation result. 

Application Areas

Circular Pipes

reinforced concrete
asbestos cement
vitrified clay
cast iron 
plastics (PVC, HDPE, GRP)

Main Pipe Diameters

DN 100 - DN 600 | 4" -  24"

Lateral Pipe Diameters

DN 100 - DN 200 | 4“ - 8“ 

Connection Angles

30° to 90°

Applicable Damages

  • Leaks with or without groundwater infiltration or exfiltration at pipe joints, pipe walls, junctions, transitions etc.
  • Displaced pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures
  • Mechanical wear
  • Corrosion

Inapplicable Damages

  • extreme pipe or joint offsets
  • broken or collapsed pipes
  • large cross-sectional reductions in conjunction with bedding problems
  • longitudinal cracks at pipe connections


LCR-B before

Leaking lateral pipe

Water Infiltration through leaking joints 
the repair
LCR-S schema

How the Trelleborg LCR-S works

The Trelleborg LCR-S system permanently seals main/lateral interfaces and lateral connections (DN 100 – DN 200) by installing either a LCR-S hat profile or an LCR-S liner from the main pipe (DN 135 – DN 600) up to a length of 600 mm.

LCR-B after

Repaired lateral pipe

The infiltration is stopped, the pipe is watertight.

Technical components

For more details please download the product brochure

LCR-S packer

The Trelleborg LCR-S Packer

  • Packertypes available for pipe diameters DN 135 - DN 600 in the main
    and DN 100 - DN 200 in the lateral connection pipe.

  • Packers can be converted according to the requirements
    Toolboxes with appropriate material for the packer conversion are provided

  • Repair length in the lateral pipe : 280 mm  (Standard) or 600 mm

  • Connection angle: 45° or 90°

LCR-S control unit

The Trelleborg LCR-S Control unit

  • Placed on the LCR-S Hose Reel which is equipped with a combined air/electricity/video-hose package 

  • Controls the compressed air and the vacuum for the LCR packer, the pathfinder and the motor.

  • Includes a high-quality monitor and a keyboard for data input as well as a video output (keyboard and programming in different languages available)

Trelleborg LCR-S/MtH Hose Reel

  • Hose Reel with rotary feedthrough incl. camera cable and all supply lines
  • Combined Air/electricity/video-hose package (60 m, 100 m or 150 m)
  • Multi-function plug for packer connection
  • Colour camera (PAL) with LED lights
  • Sapphire crystal camera head for LCR packer
  • Fill and release valve for nitrogen
LCR-S reel

Trelleborg LCR-S Fibre Glass Push Rod

  • Used to transport the LCR-S packer to the point of repair. 
  • 100 m glasfibre cable on a reel system, equipped with a flexible plug for the packer connection
  • wheelset for mobility


Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

ASTM Logo black

International Standards

In conformance with worldwide standards

DIBt Logo

Technical Approval

No. Z-42.3-466
DN 100 to DN 250 

with resin system


European Standards

In confirmance with European standards

DIBt Logo

Technical Approval

No. Z-42.3-375
DN 100 to DN 400 

with resin system

CE Mark

European Standards

Devices meet the requirements of the applicable EC directives

DIBt Logo

Technical Approval

No. Z-42.3-468
DN 100 to DN 600 

with resin system


More Product Details

LCR-S Product Info (2020)


Download (pdf)

TD Trelleborg LCR-S Hatprofiles and resin calculation

Technical Data Sheet  

Download (pdf)

TD Trelleborg LCR-S Liner and resin calculation

Technical Data Sheet  

Download (pdf)

Related products/information

Additional technical Equipment, Consumables, Support 

LCR-B Training

Training on theory and practice

Good practice-oriented training of our installers is a major concern for us and a component of our quality management approach.

Only qualified professionals with training are permitted to use our systems. Qualified personnel will be issued with a training certificate by Trelleborg Pipe Seals.


Method descriptions 

We place particular emphasis on teaching the correct practical application in conformity with the technically approved requirements, entirely documented in our user manuals/method descriptions, which are the basis for the official technical approvals.


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