Trelleborg FlexRib Chimney Seal

Trelleborg FlexRib Manhole Chimney Seal

The grade adjustment area of the manhole is the first to suffer deterioration caused by freeze /thaw cycles, traffic loading, thermal expansion and contraction of the surrounding pavement and other external forces


Needed to order DrainFlexRib Frame-Chimney Seal

Manhole Seal

A = Inside diameter of manhole frame

B = Inside diameter of grade adjustment area

C = Inside diameter of cone

D = Height of grade adjustment area (bottom of frame to top of cone)

E = Vertical surface on inside of manhole cone

T = Degree of taper on inside of frame

Available Widths

Trelleborg FlexRib Manhole Chimney Seals are made from a premium quality rubber compound and stainless steel bands which are designed to withstand the corrosive environment present in a sanitary sewer manhole

Manhole Abb 2
Manhole Abb 3
Manhole Abb 4
Manhole Abb 5


One end of the FlexRib Extension is designed to fit under the FlexRib Seal, allowing them to span up to an additional 8 inches of adjustment. Multiple FlexRib Seal Extensions may be used to span taller grade adjustments.

Manhole Abb 6
When the adjustment area of the manhole exceeds the range of the available FlexRib Seals, a FlexRib extension may be added to provide an additional 203 mm / 8” coverage.

Patented Tools

Manhole Seal

Manual Installation Tool

  • Works with a 1” socket or open ended wrench. 
  • Compress seal to 28 ft. lbs.
  • P/N 92003
Manhole Seal

Hydraulic Installation Tool

  • Force balanced heavy-duty construction develops 1½ tons of force. 
  • Compress seal to 4500 - 5000 psi.
  • P/N 91893


Trelleborg FlexRib Manhole Chimney Seal

Product information  

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Technical Specifications

Technical Data Sheet  

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Measurement worksheet

Purchasing aid  

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Installation instructions

Technical Data Sheet  

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Installation guide


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Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

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International Standards

In conformance with worldwide standards


European Standards

In confirmance with European standards

Chimney Seal patent 1

U.S. Patent 

No. 92003 
Chimney seal patent 2

U.S. Patent

No. 91893


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