DrainPlusLiner 2.0

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DrainPlusLiner 2.0

All in one...

Trelleborg's DrainPlusLiner 2.0 with its ultra flexible unique silicone coating represents a new generation in liner material. It is an all-encompassing solution for practically every single kind of condition or challenge faced when rehabilitating house connection and building pipes ranging from DN 70 to DN 250 [2¾” to 10”].

90° bend

Got bends?

Negotiating multiple bends up to 90° 

  • Minimal creasing / optimum bend mobility

  • Reliable attainment of the minimum wall thickness, minimum 3 mm [⅛”], as statically required, even in overexpansion areas

  • Low pressure requirement during installation and curing

Got transitions? 

Allows up to 2 changes in diameter!
  • Universally applicable for vertical and horizontal pipelines

  • Longitudinal expansion can be calculated 

  • No calibration hose required even in downpipes

  • Achieves minimum 3 mm [⅛”] wall thickness even in that overexpansion areas

All in one...

All you need are our perfect product combinations for quick and efficient results

DPL 20 makro

The innovative DrainPlusLiner 2.0

Its unique silicon coating makes the difference !

The perfect interplay between leading-edge textile production and the special formulation of the silicone coating has resulted in a high-tech product, which fulfils the highest demands when it comes to quality and versatility and is setting new benchmarks.

The DrainPlusLiner 2.0 is extremely flexible and temperature resistant, making it suitable for hot water and steam curing methods. 

A jetting restistant test, conducted on the DrainPlusLiner 2.0 in 2015 checked the effects of high pressure water jetting on rehabilitated drains and sewers, The results: The DrainPlusLiner 2.0  successfully passed the high pressure water resistant test up to a maximum pressure of 120 bar. 

Liner End Cap

The practical LinerEndCap Technology

More efficiency for open-end liner installations !

Using the specific LinerEndCap method will make your job easier and quicker: in just one step and without the need of an additional calibration hose the wetted liner can be inverted and installed. With the LinerEndCap applicated previously to the liner end with a special adhesive the Liner will be closed for the period of installation. So the user can set up the liner with the required pressure until the resin has cured. After the liner installation and complete heating and cooling phase, the LinerEndCap can be removed with the inversion rope from the cured liner and away from the line. Additional miling is not necessary. 

EPROPOX HC120 mixing

The user-friendly hot curing EPROPOX HC 120+

High mechanical porperties for a sustainable solution

Especially developed for the steam curing method the EPROPOX HC120+ is able to withstand high temperatures without distortion and is resistant to chemicals ranging in pH value from 2 to 13. 

EPROPOX HC120+ ensures a rapid and homogeneous impregnation. It is very easy to use due to its ample pot time of 120 minutes and a short cure time of just 45 minutes, once the curing temperature of 80 °C/176 °F, measured between the liner and host pipe wall, is reached. 

After steam curing it provides high mechanical properties that ensure the fulfillment of the statical requirements. 

Steam Curing device

The sustainable Curing Method for EPROPOX HC 120+

Steam Curing for best mechanical properties

Not only does steam curing accelerate the rehabilitation process in general - in combination with EPROPOX HC120+ it is an essential part of the methodology that facilitates the industry leading mechanical properties, such as an Flexural modulus of ≥ 2.800

Harzeimer lila

The fast and ambient curing EPROPOX FC30+

The ideal solution for plumbers and small companies who do not want to invest in expensive equipment.  

With a short pot life and curing time EPROPOX FC30+ is quick and easy to install. It impresses with its compatibility with wet surfaces, good mechanical properties and high chemical resistance. It is - like all EPROPOX resin systems developed by Trelleborg - solvent-free and free of volatile organic compounds (VOC's)



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DPL 2.0 and EPROPOX HC120+ The perfect team

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