Vacuum Testing Station, Manhole drilling equipments and ancillary

Manhole Vacuum Tester Features

Vacuum tester. Trelleborg

In-Plant Manhole Vacuum Tester

  • Test 47 to 72 inch diameter risers, bases and cones
  • Duel test station allows for continuous vacuum testing
  • Wireless remote control permits one-man operation, without getting off the fork truck
  • Automatic "hands-off test sequence
  • Meets ASTM C1244 test reqirements

Vacuum tester. Trelleborg

Portable Manhole Vacuum Tester

  • Instantly finds leaks allowing for quick repair 
  • Draws patching mortar into leaks, making repairs far more effective 
  • Equally tests the entire manhole structure 
  • Eliminates water hauling and pumping 
  • Ensures compliance with ASTM C144 
  • Draws joints together during test


More detailed information

In-Plant Manhole Vaccum Tester Datasheet


Download (pdf)

Portable Manhole Vaccum Tester Datasheet


Download (pdf)


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