Manhole coring and ancillary equipment

First class machinery

All machinery is manufactured at our plant in Milford, New Hampshire U.S.A. Many of our machines can be customized to accommodate your specific needs

Diamond Tipped Core Drills. Trelleborg
Diamond Core Drills
  • Accurate diameter control
  • Fast drilling & extended life
  • Shipped from stock
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Steel Holleformers. Trelleborg
Steel Hole-Forming Mandrels
  • Rugged, collapsible design
  • Hole size 18 Inch and larger
  • Accurate hole dimensions
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Vacuum Tester. Trelleborg
Vacuum Testing Station
  • Ensures compliance with ASTM C1244
  • Manhole base and section testing
  • Horizontal configuration for pipe
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Water Separation System, Trelleborg
Water Separation System
  • Eliminates coring water runoff
  • Reduces water use
  • Efficient solids separation
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