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Alina Strömberg - Sponsorship - Trelleborg Pipe Seals
Reaching For Greater Heights
When she has a day off and if the weather is good, athlete Alina Strömberg is just like any other teen who likes to spend time at her family’s summer house or hanging out with friends -...
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Evolution of Elastomeric Joints in Plastic Pipeline Systems
Evolution of Elastomeric Joints in Plastic Pipeline Systems
Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation will deliver a conference paper on the evolution of elastomeric joints in plastic pipeline systems at this year’s Plastic Pipes XVIII conference, Germ...
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The strongest Link in Concrete Pipe Development
The strongest link in concrete pipe development
Concrete pipes have long been used for water and wastewater applications; in fact their origins can be traced back as far as the Roman times. But with rapid urbanization and population growth putt...
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Trelleborg Receives Argentinian IRAM Certificates
Trelleborg Receives Argentinian IRAM Certifications
Testament to its on-going commitment to quality, Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has received certification for its Power-Lock™, Sewer-Lock™ above 450 mm and Anger-Lock™ systems, by the Institut...
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Reducing Damaging Pipe Leaks Through Optimum Seal Design
Reducing Damaging Pipe Leaks
Andrzej Pilszczek, Business Development Manager within Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation discusses challenges facing the water infrastructure, specifically looking into pipe seal design. Her...
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Elastomeric Joints for Spiral Wound Pipes, Trelleborg
Elastomeric joints for spiral wound pipes
Spiral wound pipes, made from Polyethylene and Polypropylene are used for both pressure and  non pressure applications. Elastomeric ‘push fit’ joints are especially important...
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F-607 PIP-Lock
Trelleborg 607 PIP-Lock
Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has launched a new generation of integrated pipe seal for irrigation pipes in North America. The new ‘patent pending’ Trelleborg 607 PIP-Lock sy...
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Forsheda 552 Anger-Lock. Trelleborg
Innovative non integrated seal: Trelleborg 552 Anger-Lock IPS
Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation introduces a new, non-integrated locked-in sealing system to its portfolio, the Trelleborg 552 Anger-Lock™. It is designed for Iron Pipe Size (IPS) PV...
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Carsten Hindersmann
New sales manager: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has demonstrated its commitment to better servicing its clients and growing business across Europe, with the appointment of Sales Manager, Carsten Hindersm...
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2015 TPS takes over TRELIT liner production
Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has recently integrated additional pipe liner production capabilities at its manufacturing facility in Taurage, Lithuania. The new technology was obtained f...
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Trade Shows and Events

No Dig 2019 - Trelleborg - Mark Yanzo - Ryan klachko

No-Dig Show

           17-21 March, 2019,           Chicago, USA

Trelleborg, WWETT 2019

WWETT 2019

20-23 February 2019, Indianapolis, USA

Carrefour de l

Carrefour des Gestions Locales de L’eau

     30-31 January, Rennes, France

Pollutec 2018, Trelleborg, Jean Jacques Merour, Laurent Lefevre

Pollutec 2018

            27-30 November 2018,             Lyon, France