Trelleborg to Showcase No-Dig Pipe Repair Solutions at WWETT 2020

Trelleborg to Showcase No-Dig Pipe Repair Solutions at WWETT 2020

Trelleborg’s seals & profiles operation announces its attendance at the 2020 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) trade show in Indianapolis, USA, in February, to showcase its leading and innovative no-dig polymer-based pipe repair solutions.  

Mark Yanzo - TrelleborgMark Yanzo, North American Sales Manager – Pipe Rehabilitation, says: “We are pleased to showcase our reliable and efficient trenchless pipe repair solutions at WWETT.  Our team of experts will be on hand to answer questions, provide information and discuss specific requirements.”

Trelleborg will be presenting a number of its advanced no-dig pipe repair solutions at WWETT 2020.

Trelleborg’s LCR-B lateral repair system is an innovative high-flexibility packer that can be easily maneuvered along smaller pipes to enable intricate vertical and horizontal repairs to be made inside buildings without damaging walls.

The Trelleborg DrainLiner system comprises liners made from non-corrosive synthetic and/or glass fibers, as well as resins and supporting equipment. Trelleborg’s method for lining pipes is a breakthrough technology for application in no-dig pipe and sewer renovation.

Trelleborg’s internal pipe repair system includes watertight internal joint seals, as well as cured-in-place end seals and manhole seals. Specific Trelleborg products from the system on display at WWETT will include the Trelleborg internal joint seal and the DrainLinerEndSeal.

Trelleborg’s mechanical seals, the I-Lock-P and L-Lock-P Liner End Seal, provide outstanding water-tightness, including with high-pressure pipes. They also offer easy installation and compatibility with a range of pipe types, including steel, concrete, cast iron and plastic.

Supported by world-class technical training and customer support services, Trelleborg’s seals & profiles operation is known for delivering watertight lateral lining, Main-to-House (MTH) and patch repair pipe rehabilitation solutions that offer long-lasting durability as well as minimized disruption and downtime.