Trelleborg Presents at China International Plastic Pipe Conference in Guangzhou

China International Plastic Pipe Conference in Guangzhou -Trelleborg is there to present research paper

The International Plastic Pipes Conference takes place in Guangzhou on 18-19 November. At this leading international conference’s 6th installment for China, Trelleborg will be presenting a research paper which has seen interest from the industry worldwide.

Julian West, Trelleborg Pipe Seals

The research paper titled "Evolution of elastomeric joints in plastic pipeline systems and use of long term relaxation testing to predict service life" is authored by Julian West, Product Manager for pipe seal solutions within Trelleborg Industrial Solutions. He is a sought after researcher and speaker at conferences in the plastic pipes industry in Western countries.

We talked with Julian to find out a bit more and he explained, “The research paper was first presented at the major Plastic Pipes XIX Conference in Las Vegas, the US in late September 2018. I was then invited to present at the conference in Guangzhou. We very much appreciate this as China is an important market to us and we are looking at developing and growing the business there in a sustainable way.”

The 6th China International Plastic Pipe Conference is organized by the Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) who in a release leading up to the event stated “Indicators point towards further growth for plastic pipe systems in China, which is already the world's largest manufacturing base for such pipe systems. The event in Guangzhou takes place on November 18-19, 2019 and is expected to attract a record number of participants.”

Elastomeric pipe joints vs. Welded pipe joints

Pipe joints, for instance in water and wastewater, have undergone significant development, from starting with a simple spigot and socket solvent welded joint design.

Julian elaborated on techniques and how his research relates to them. “When joining plastic pipes, welding has traditionally been used, and is still used today. This leads to a homogenous, rigid pipe and it’s a quite time consuming process. Furthermore special equipment, such as plastic welding equipment is needed and handling this equipment requires specialized training, and in most countries certification.”

He continues, “The alternative technique, which is described in detail in my research paper, is utilizing elastomeric joints, or put another way, rubber seals in push-fit joints. This is the technology which has been developed by Trelleborg and which we champion. It has some clear advantages as it offers an easier and quicker system for pipe installations, regardless of environment. There is no need for special equipment, such as plastic welding equipment, and thus no personnel with specialist plastic welding training and qualifications is needed for pipe systems installations.”

Furthermore the use of more flexible elastomeric joints allows for angular deflection, transverse shear load and localized pipe deformation without leakage or failure of the joint.

To ensure plastic pipe joint functionality, durability over long-term use,

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