Trelleborg speaks at China International Plastic Pipe Conference



5th China International Plastic Pipe Conference | Zhejiang Sanli New Century Grand Hotel, Hangzhou

October 26-27, 2017 - Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation will be attending its first China International Plastic Pipe Conference on October 26 and 27 in Hangzhou, China. During the event, Business Development Manager, Martijn Boerma will give a presentation on the evolution of elastomeric joints in plastic pipeline systems. He will discuss the positive impact of developments in joint design and materials innovation on pipeline infrastructure.

Pipe manufacturers, installation contractors and utility companies, will gain practical knowledge on reliable pipe jointing, as well as learn how to achieve leak tightness from both infiltration and exfiltration, in clean water and wastewater pipeline systems. Current material standards will also be covered in the session, as well as physical and chemical stress relaxation using ISO methodology, to predict the long term durability of elastomeric joints.

Martijn Boerma, Business Development Manager for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation in Asia Pacific, says: “Improving the performance of pipeline infrastructure demands continuous innovation in both pipes and jointing systems, as well as their method of manufacture and installation. Advances in materials, coupled with improved seal and joint design, and low assembly forces that eliminate site installation mistakes, play a key role in extending the service life of elastomeric joints. This in turn, has a direct effect on reducing overall pipeline infrastructure downtime.”

Trelleborg’s strategy is to strengthen its positions in attractive market segments with strong growth potential. As such, the company is committed to growing its business in the fast-moving Chinese plastic pipe market.

‘The Evolution of Elastomeric Joints in Plastic Pipeline Systems’ will be presented by Martijn Boerma on October 27 at 11:30am, in the Sanli Hall.

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation is a leading supplier of premium pipe, manhole and connector seals for PVC pipes, which guarantee leak-free productivity over the entire pipe cycle. 

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