Trelleborg and Neproplast evolve PVC pipe market in the Middle East


Trelleborg and Neproplast evolve PVC pipe market in the Middle East

Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation has teamed up with industry leading pipe manufacturer in the Middle East, Neproplast, to challenge the misconception that PVC wastewater pipes leak.

Neproplast was the first manufacturer of uPVC pipes in Saudi Arabia and is currently the largest player in the market. Continuing the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Neproplast approached Trelleborg to supply its locked-in seal for wastewater pipes to create a total pipe solution that will guarantee leak-free performance.

Mohammed alhajrassiMohammed Al Hajrassi, Assistant General Manager at Neproplast, comments: “The sheer volume of construction projects being planned, re-engineered or currently executed in the Middle East has led to increased optimism in the region. This in turn is resulting in a high demand for water and wastewater infrastructure.  It is therefore critical that we address the misconstrued perceptions of leakages market-wide, and put to bed any negativity about PVC pipes, as they have an excellent role to play in the optimization of water systems. 

“We set out to find a new sealing solution partner that could provide us with a high quality, leak-free product for our non-pressure sewer pipes. Trelleborg was the only manufacturer able to demonstrate a significant improvement in quality and sealing performance, so it was an obvious partnership for us as we prepare to address the market. We have already seen a massive uptake in the use of PVC pipes in the region as a result of this partnership. The training and installation videos Trelleborg has developed for installers have been widely praised.” 

Trelleborg currently supplies its range of F-582 Din-Lock™ seals to Neproplast and will introduce its pressure pipe seal, Anger-Lock™ in the near future

sanharib trelleborgSanharib Mirza, Business Development Manager, Middle East and Africa for Trelleborg’s pipe seals operation, says: “One of the biggest causes of leaks in pipes is a substandard seal. This can be exacerbated by poor installation. It is a small component in the overall pipe infrastructure, but can have a big impact on long-term performance. Unfortunately, this issue has become a real sticking point within the Middle East and has caused PVC pipes to gain a bad reputation. We are privileged to work alongside Neproplast to address these perceptions and support customers across the region.”

Consisting of a combined lip and compression sealing system, Trelleborg’s F-582 Din-Lock seal range meets or exceeds current European standards for wastewater lines, both indoor and underground, and provides low assembly forces to make pipe jointing easier. Leak-free and ozone resistant, this locked-in system delivers high performance sealing for DIN groove and plastic pipes and fittings, for wastewater and cable protection applications. 

Trelleborg has produced several short, easy to follow installation videos for plumbers and installers to ensure that all sealing systems and rehabilitation solutions are fitted correctly. Word of mouth quickly spread through the plumbing community about how easy the solution is to fit and as such, a significant number of requests have been made in favor of Trelleborg and Neproplast pipes and seals solutions.

All Neproplast pipes and fittings are distributed through National Marketing Est. Co LTD. which has more than 23 branches covering all cities and urban areas across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.